Already on Nook!!!

Was I ever surprised to learn that my ebook is already for sale on a few sites! Nook, Apple, Walmart, and a couple of others.

I noticed that Apple has an error. It has me connected with another Nancy Jackson and shows me to have written books that I have not. Apple also connected my book with someone else’s series.

I’ve sent a message in to the service I use, but of course it is the weekend before Christmas so I doubt that anything will be changed.

BUT, it is for sale on Apple, so if you read your books in iBook, then you may purchase it there.

Here is the universal link to all the services where you can buy my ebook as of today!!

As more sites add my book, this link will also add them. If you are waiting for Kindle, check back from time to time to see if it has been added.

Almost all these services will allow you to add the app to your phone or tablet. You do not need to have a Nook, or Kindle to use their apps.

I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks!!

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