Too Big for Their Britches…

But maybe I helped feed them…

I am posting this at my potential peril. But so be it!

For myself, I have fed into a conglomerate machine that now seeks to devour me. Who? What? Where? You might ask.

It is Amazon. My husband and I both have Prime memberships that we both pay for individually. We LOVE the convenience, (yes they have hooked us with that), and the selection, and so much more.

But now this conglomerate that I have so willing fed, has now become so big that it cannot be challenged.

Now that I am an author, many of the rumors that I’d dismissed or pushed aside because they didn’t seem relevant to me and my convenience at the time, I’ve now found to be true.

Before being an author, I was a reader. I joined Goodreads a long, long, time ago. Out of convenience, once again, I linked it to my Amazon and Facebook accounts. I could order a book on Amazon and it would automatically show up on my Goodreads shelf. Why? Because Amazon owns Goodreads.

Because my Goodreads account is linked to my Facebook account, in order to easily share books I’ve read from Goodreads, Amazon now knows all my Facebook friends.

Why could this possibly matter? Because now that it knows who my friends are, it removes random reviews that it knows came from my friends, EVEN IF they did purchase the book from Amazon!

They have already removed more reviews than it has left, and there is no fighting it. I’ve tried. They are too big to fight this little newbie author.

So when, and I pray that you do, review my book, PLEASE review it on Goodreads and on Facebook. Those reviews don’t go away. EVEN THOUGH now it seems Goodreads (owned by Amazon) is currently falling down the proverbial rabbit hole, it is probably still the best place to review, that and FB.

Want to purchase my book cheaper than Amazon? Go straight to my website. Unlike Amazon, if you order the hardback, it will always be signed, and you can request when ordering, details of how you would like it signed.

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