The Water

If you have been waiting anxiously for news on The Water, it was released earlier this month. You may now order a signed hardcopy or an eBook.

You may order from any venue you choose, but if you order a hardcopy from my website, it will be signed however you instruct me to sign it.

If you prefer eBook, you can also order that on my website. Because I do not have to pay a middleman like Amazon, I offer it less expensive on my website.

Once you order, you will be sent an email to click and download. You will be offered a variety of selections to fit your viewing device, no matter how you read your eBooks.

The Blood audio version is out of production and should be available on Audible within a week, for rent or buy.

If you have read one or both of my books, please click this link and give me a review. You can just click stars or write a short review. It helps me so much!

I’ve been doing several book signings. At the bottom of you will see my event calendar so you will always know what is coming and when.

The Fire is about 15,000 words done. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!!

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