Origins of The Blood


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A few years before I wrote The Blood, a small idea formed and I made notes in my journal. As the idea took on greater form, I made even more notes.

I even drew a MAP!

See ALL journal pages below.

The journal entries were then forgotten, or nearly forgotten, and time passed. Then when I knew it was time to write, I picked up my journal and there they were.

I thought my readers would like to see those notes. Now, keep in mind that things changed as I wrote. I think it will be fun for you to pick out the things that

(1) Were NEVER put in the book, and…

(2) Were changed when I wrote the book.

These journal notes were just a stepping off point. From there I got out a large notepad and just wrote down random ideas of what I would like to see happen. Then as I wrote scenes, I would cross off that idea.

I also used the notebook to jot down names of people, places, and things I was using. Yes, you will forget!!

My ‘What If’ scenario.
First thoughts on main character.
Notes about her parents, page 1
Notes about her parents, page 2
Notes on her mother
Notes on her grandparents
Notes on the setting
Notes on her name
The map

Hope you enjoyed this post! Please let me know your thoughts.

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