Can Summer be Over?

One thing is certain, time marches on.

I’m not much of a cold weather person and so when spring comes, I am always excited. I love to see the trees spring to life and the flowers blood.

When fall approaches, find myself beginning to dread the dull landscapes and the cold weather. But I have realized in doing that I am not enjoying the moment and so much time is lost.

So, over the last several years, I’ve tried to find the bright spots in all seasons. Yes summer is ending, but the cool weather is coming and a welcome relief to the hot (100+) days.

Soon, I’ll be able to wake up and turn on the fireplace while I drink my morning coffee. The holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas will arrive.

I no longer have dread for any season. I’ve shifted my perspective, and guess what? My attitude changed. I think there are many places this can be applied.

If I am finding myself in a place where my mind is churning in a sea of uncomfortableness, I stop and ask myself in that very moment, ‘what am I thankful for’. And every single time, my perspective shifts and so does my attitude.

I hope you are all enjoying this shift in seasons. Please take advantage of all the great free books that are offered in the newsletter links. Each one has many different books and book samples. Click and claim as many as you want. There is no limit.

But, be sure to download your book as soon as you claim it so that it doesn’t expire, even if you can’t read it right away.

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