Dream Delay

I am fortunate that even in the sea of shifting dreams, I have dreamed and seen them come true.

At my age, I’ve done a lot. I’ve had great jobs with great people that have taken me great places. But times change, and time moves forward.

There has been a ton of talk lately about dreams and purpose. In fact I am in an amazing women’s bible study at our church right now on the topic of purpose.

Some have trouble figuring out what their God-given dream is. Others don’t know where to start with that dream. Still others are seeing a shift from one dream to another.

But what I want to talk about today is what if… your dream is delayed?

All of us feel that if our dream is given to us by God, that it will carry a seed of instantaneous birth, then growth. We believe that because our dream was birthed by God, then there will be instant success.

But when there isn’t, that causes questions. God, did I hear you right? Was this something where I stepped out on my own? What did I do wrong to derail it?

But let me challenge you today, that just because it takes longer than you thought it would, or success doesn’t come as quickly as you thought it should, or it seems to be taking so long… Don’t quit. Don’t give up!

I remember that moment last summer (July 2018) when I heard God’s voice say that it was time to write. It spoke loud in my spirit man and I knew that voice.

With that voice came a passion to write like I have never known. It fueled me to write 3 novels in 1 year! I could have never done that on my own. I am still stunned at that accomplishment which only God could help me do.

However, somewhere in the back of my mind I think I believed that because God was in this, fueling this, there would be instantaneous success. And there wasn’t.

Do my books touch lives? Yes they do.
Do my books entertain readers? Yes they do.
Do my books bring the word to others? Yes they do.

Isn’t that success? Yes, it is. I know that there will come a day when these small beginnings will be eclipsed by the enormous success my writing career has become. But, for now. I will not despise small beginnings and neither should you.

I know I must be thankful for a slow start. It has given me time to get my ducks in a row. It has given me time to learn more, which will never stop. It has given me time to grow into what God has planned for me.

If your dream seems to be stalled or stuck on high center, please do not give up! The tenacity it takes to keep going will build something in you that could have never been built any other way!

Somewhere on your journey, you will need that strength and it will be there to serve you well.

Let me know if today you needed to hear that you should not give up on your dream!

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