New Release!

It is finally here! Choices Like Rivers.

This book truly has my heart. Some people believe it is about the sweet little girl who showed up one day out of the blue at a police station in 1978. But, to me it isn’t.

I wrote the book about a lady named Sharon. The story showcases her life in the current 1978 period when the little girl Molly Sue shows up, but also her back story beginning 8 years prior.

You will learn the tragedies she has suffered through and how she dealt with them. You will begin to understand just why the introduction of this little girl into her life changes everything!

To learn more about this book and to see where you can buy it, click HERE.

An Uncommon Love Story

Originally written and posted by me on 2/24/10 but good enough to repost.

On Valentine’s Day Rick took me to a movie.  We passed lines upon lines of people waiting to see the movie Valentine’s Day.  Oh, but not us, we weren’t going to go see some mushy love story on Valentine’s Day, or were we?

I vaguely remembered having seen a movie trailer either on tv or at a previous movie on The Book of Eli, but couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was about.  But I love movies and am game for just about anything.

The setting is about 30 years after the last war.  The land is ravaged and desolate.  The filmographer enhanced the darkness and drearyness of the time.  There were vandals and theives.  But there was one man traveling, on a mission to walk west.

Denzel Washington plays Eli, a lone traveler with peaceful intentions, but determined not to be stopped.  He has a destiny even in this time of lost hopes and dreams and decay of the soul.  He is carrying with him a precious cargo and he will die to protect it.

Of course there is a villain and he wants the ‘book’.  He knows it has power and he lusts after the power of the book.

As we watch Eli on his journey we see this is indeed a love story.  A love story of the Word of God and its creator.

There is a lot of violence and bad language in this movie, and certainly not for the faint of heart.  But I fell in love with the theme and cheered him on.  For I understood his love.  I have it too.

Originally written and posted by me on 2/24/10

Boundless Dreaming

Originally Written 2/20/10 but good enough to repost!

Last night Rick and I watched Amelia on Pay Per View.  He promptly fell asleep on the couch which left me alone to be drawn into the life of Amelia Earhart.  In the quietness of our living room I was transfixed to the movie.  If you have yet to see the movie you may not want to read this blog, but first go watch the movie and then return.

Before doing this blog I read reviews of the movie which were harsh.  But movie critics have their opinions and I have mine.  I loved the movie and would easily give it a 9 out of 10.  I don’t need to know all the complexities of their lives and I believe this is a sweet remembrance of a dynamic woman.

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Dream Delay

I am fortunate that even in the sea of shifting dreams, I have dreamed and seen them come true.

At my age, I’ve done a lot. I’ve had great jobs with great people that have taken me great places. But times change, and time moves forward.

There has been a ton of talk lately about dreams and purpose. In fact I am in an amazing women’s bible study at our church right now on the topic of purpose.

Some have trouble figuring out what their God-given dream is. Others don’t know where to start with that dream. Still others are seeing a shift from one dream to another.

But what I want to talk about today is what if… your dream is delayed?

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Fall is Here!

It seems like it took forever for fall to finally arrive. Here in Oklahoma we’ve had 90 plus degree heat for more weeks than we can count.

This week it is finally in the 70’s! Soon Christmas will be here and then a new year will start.

The colder seasons seem to be the very best time for book clubs to meet and discuss books. I have one local club reading The Blood and then I will attend the meeting for dicussion.

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It’s HERE! The Fire is out!!

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Can Summer be Over?

One thing is certain, time marches on.

I’m not much of a cold weather person and so when spring comes, I am always excited. I love to see the trees spring to life and the flowers blood.

When fall approaches, find myself beginning to dread the dull landscapes and the cold weather. But I have realized in doing that I am not enjoying the moment and so much time is lost.

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