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Dream Delay

I am fortunate that even in the sea of shifting dreams, I have dreamed and seen them come true.

At my age, I’ve done a lot. I’ve had great jobs with great people that have taken me great places. But times change, and time moves forward.

There has been a ton of talk lately about dreams and purpose. In fact I am in an amazing women’s bible study at our church right now on the topic of purpose.

Some have trouble figuring out what their God-given dream is. Others don’t know where to start with that dream. Still others are seeing a shift from one dream to another.

But what I want to talk about today is what if… your dream is delayed?

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Fall is Here!

It seems like it took forever for fall to finally arrive. Here in Oklahoma we’ve had 90 plus degree heat for more weeks than we can count.

This week it is finally in the 70’s! Soon Christmas will be here and then a new year will start.

The colder seasons seem to be the very best time for book clubs to meet and discuss books. I have one local club reading The Blood and then I will attend the meeting for dicussion.

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It’s HERE! The Fire is out!!

The Fire is out! You may purchase a signed hardcopy or ebook (ANY format) at our bookstore – http://www.theonlinebookstore.com

The ebooks are less expensive here than on Amazon and we are still having the hardcopy special. Buy ANY 2 hardcopies and when you put them in your cart, one will automatically be reduced to half price!

You can buy 1 of two different ones, or 2 of one title. It doesn’t matter. They will be signed however you choose for me to sign them. ALSO, free shipping!!!

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Can Summer be Over?

One thing is certain, time marches on.

I’m not much of a cold weather person and so when spring comes, I am always excited. I love to see the trees spring to life and the flowers blood.

When fall approaches, find myself beginning to dread the dull landscapes and the cold weather. But I have realized in doing that I am not enjoying the moment and so much time is lost.

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ARC Prayer and Reader Team

Many years ago when I knew I wanted to write novels, I knew that I wanted my books to not just entertain, but also to touch readers lives.

Since God has opened the door for me to write, I have seen doors opened and lives touched. But, nothing worthwhile comes without it challenges. I am putting together a team of people who enjoy and are encouraged by my writing journey and want to commit to praying for me and this ministry.

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Accelerator Pedal

I’ve been self employed for over 12 years now. Prior to that I worked in various kinds of sales and had input on marketing.

The current climate of sales and marketing is vastly different from when I first thought about those two words.

Now we are bombarded with constant instruction on how to win more views, get more clicks, and obtain more followers. Me too. I want my businesses to succeed, and so I also read as much as I can, and learn what I can do to improve at social media.

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