Audible Code Instructions

Many of you have requested codes to get The Blood on Audible for free. I still have codes available. To receive a code email me at and request code.

Here are the instructions for the US codes:

You should go in and download as soon as you can even if you can’t listen for awhile. I do not know if these codes expire or not.


1. Go to my book’s page on
2. Add the audiobook to your cart.
3. If you are prompted to sign in, please create a new account or log in.
4. Go to Enter the promo code and click “Redeem” to receive a credit for the title in your cart.
5. Head back to your cart. Make sure the button that says “1 Credit” is selected and that your subtotal reads $0.00 dollars.
6. You may proceed through the checkout by clicking “Proceed to Checkout” and “Complete purchase” on the subsequent page.

Please review my book on Audible and Goodreads

UK codes may be used in the US if you follow the instructions below. Also, you should download as soon as possible even if you don’t listen to it for awhile. I do not know if they expire.


  1. Redeem your UK promo code with this link. If is asks you to sign in to Amazon, just use your US account details. If you do not have an Audible account set one up and then continue.
  3. Add my audiobook to your cart and checkout.
  4. Go on the Audible app and change your country from US to UK – it’s on the sign in page under the button that says “Sign In”.
  5. Please review my book on Audible and Goodreads.

FREE Audible!

On May 1st my first novel The Blood came out on Audible and they gave me 50 free codes to hand out. They are free to you, but count as a sale towards me if redeemed.

So, I am passing them along to you. Each code is unique, so if you want a code, please email me or reply to this email. My email is:

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My Father’s Lap

My father died when I was 28 years old.

Yesterday, in a low moment, I drew myself away to the single-most comforting moment in my life. We all have those don’t we? That single memory that brings us so much comfort that we retreat to it in times of distress.

I was never, ever a morning person. I would lay awake at night dreaming of things to come. As a child and teenager, there is so much yet to do. So many things yet unknown. At that point we are literally at the beginning of a clean slate.

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I ran across something I wrote over a year ago and just stashed. Thought I would share it with my readers today. I hope you enjoy it.


Our lives are like a tapestry that is woven with an infinite number of threads, both large and small, both exquisitely beautiful and horrifically dark and ugly.

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