I ran across something I wrote over a year ago and just stashed. Thought I would share it with my readers today. I hope you enjoy it.


Our lives are like a tapestry that is woven with an infinite number of threads, both large and small, both exquisitely beautiful and horrifically dark and ugly.

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Already on Nook!!!

Was I ever surprised to learn that my ebook is already for sale on a few sites! Nook, Apple, Walmart, and a couple of others.

I noticed that Apple has an error. It has me connected with another Nancy Jackson and shows me to have written books that I have not. Apple also connected my book with someone else’s series.

I’ve sent a message in to the service I use, but of course it is the weekend before Christmas so I doubt that anything will be changed.

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I just finished uploading my finished manuscript to the online book system I have chosen to use. It will format and distribute to about a dozen different online book services.

Since it is the Christmas season, most online book companies are delaying publication until after the holidays. I am anticipating receiving notice of my book being online and ready for purchase sometime after the first of the year. I will send notification as soon as that happens.

I hope that you each have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s!