ARC Prayer and Reader Team

Many years ago when I knew I wanted to write novels, I knew that I wanted my books to not just entertain, but also to touch readers lives.

Since God has opened the door for me to write, I have seen doors opened and lives touched. But, nothing worthwhile comes without it challenges. I am putting together a team of people who enjoy and are encouraged by my writing journey and want to commit to praying for me and this ministry.

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Accelerator Pedal

I’ve been self employed for over 12 years now. Prior to that I worked in various kinds of sales and had input on marketing.

The current climate of sales and marketing is vastly different from when I first thought about those two words.

Now we are bombarded with constant instruction on how to win more views, get more clicks, and obtain more followers. Me too. I want my businesses to succeed, and so I also read as much as I can, and learn what I can do to improve at social media.

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New Reads…

I’ve teamed up again with many other wonderful mystery writers to provide readers with free book samples. Not sure if you will like a book and are hesitant to buy?

Get these free samples and read the first few chapters. If you don’t like it, nothing lost. But, you may just find your next exciting read.

CLICK HERE to see all the books in this special.

FREE Audible!

On May 1st my first novel The Blood came out on Audible and they gave me 50 free codes to hand out. They are free to you, but count as a sale towards me if redeemed.

So, I am passing them along to you. Each code is unique, so if you want a code, please email me or reply to this email. My email is:

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