Online business courses by Nancy Jackson. With decades of entreprenuership, she had started and ran many types of businesses. She has also mentored other business owners through the years as well as help others begin from the start.

These testimonials say it all:

“Over the last 16 or so years that I have known her, Nancy has proven to be a wonderful source of inspiration, support, and helpful instruction as I have grown my own art and graphic design business! These online business courses are pure gold.  She has given me constructive feedback on my online presence, supported and reviewed new products I have created, given me advice on how to better market myself on social media, and has simply been a great sounding board for new ideas and concepts.  I know I can trust her judgment because I have seen the care and time she has put into her own work throughout the years - we share the same dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and integrity in all that we do.  I greatly value her as an entrepreneurial ally and a guide in my business as I grow!”

- AK Westerman @AKOrganic Abstracts & Graphic Design


“There are business coaches, people who give you advice on how to improve your business practices and steps to take on a path to success.  Then there are coaches who actually empower you to use the advice and take the steps to be successful.  Nancy is the latter style coach.  She encourages and lifts you up so that you are able to take those needed steps which she has given to you.  She is beside you as both coach, advisor and friend, cheering as you succeed.  I know because she has walked that path with me and I am very grateful for her. Her online business courses and her one on one mentorship program will elevate your business from mediocre to successful.”

- KarenB @Bunches of Joy Photography


“I have known Nancy Jackson for twenty years and can attest to her knowledge and experience in business start-up, planning and execution. Nancy's past successes testify to her knowledge and abilities--don't waste a minute wondering if she can help you! Feel confident you will benefit from her online business courses.”

- LindaS @LCarol Designs


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