The Redemption Series

Book 1 of The Redemption Series
The Blood
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A killer in need of blood, intelligent and controlled, left no trace for Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents Randy Jeffries and Carrie Border.

The agents were seasoned professionals, but this case was testing their limits. With threads of their personal lives threatening to entangle them, would they be able to find the killer, or would they trip and fall over the tangled mess their own lives had become?

Book 2 of The Redemption Series
The Water
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Once again Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents Carrie Border and Randy Jeffries are working hard to find who’s drowning young girls drawn into prostitution and human trafficking.

With personal issues new and old still unresolved, will they be able to take down the killer or will the killer take them down first?

Book 3 of The Redemption Series
The Fire
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With Christmas on the horizon, OSBI agents Carrie Border and Lainey Tate are called to a case in Southeastern Oklahoma. The area is home to the legendary Robber’s Cave in the center of dense forest, cliffs, and mountains.

Local law enforcement have found three burned bodies and turn to the OSBI for help in finding the killer. Carrie and Lainey fall into false leads and backwoods locals who do not want their nefarious crimes revealed.

The agents find themselves fighting nature itself to find a killer who seems lost in the expanse of forest and caves while navigating treacherous obstacles in order to do their job. Neither are strangers to danger and terror, but this case, with the odds stacked against them, may cause them to face their own deaths.