Editorial Review

“I enjoyed reading “The Blood (The Redemption Series Book 1)” by Nancy Jackson. The author creates a story of intrigue, suspense, drama all in a very fast-paced book.  I found this unique story to be gripping, emotional, forgiving, spiritual, and very creative. I liked the way the author portrayed two characters, Andrea and Senna, and their interaction throughout the story and the complexities of Senna. This page-turner captured my interest.

This book is a lot different and in its own category for an entertaining and suspenseful thriller.  The first chapter hooked me in,

“She touched the blood and brought her fingers up to look at them. It still felt warm on her skin, but it dried soon after touching it. So, she dropped her hand and gazed at the pool on the ground. The little rivulets had ceased. Soon the blood would separate, and the yellow liquid would appear, and that was just not acceptable. She would leave before that happened because she could not bear to see it. She could not bear to see the blood broken and separated. It had to be alive and whole so she would feel alive and whole.”

Senna is a very complex character and very emotional which adds great intrigue and mystery to this story. The author writes very professionally bringing you all the mystery, surprises, emotions as the story unravels in a very fast-moving and thrilling way. One of the best excerpts I liked was, 

“Then a racking, breathtaking sob wrenched from her body. She missed her Gran so. She needed that love and that acceptance. How could emotion run this deep? How could that need for her, cause such physical pain? Senna laid back down and pulled the covers close to her chin as she curled up in a ball. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Damn the rules. Damn the laws. Damn it all if she had to feel so unloved and so broken. The only thing that had ever made her feel loved was Gran and rules had nothing to do with it.”

There are many unexpected events, twists and surprising turns in this story. I especially found the ending to be creative, unexpected, and enlightening. Well done and highly recommended!”

Team Golfwell