New Release!

It is finally here! Choices Like Rivers.

This book truly has my heart. Some people believe it is about the sweet little girl who showed up one day out of the blue at a police station in 1978. But, to me it isn’t.

I wrote the book about a lady named Sharon. The story showcases her life in the current 1978 period when the little girl Molly Sue shows up, but also her back story beginning 8 years prior.

You will learn the tragedies she has suffered through and how she dealt with them. You will begin to understand just why the introduction of this little girl into her life changes everything!

To learn more about this book and to see where you can buy it, click HERE.

My Father’s Lap

My father died when I was 28 years old.

Yesterday, in a low moment, I drew myself away to the single-most comforting moment in my life. We all have those don’t we? That single memory that brings us so much comfort that we retreat to it in times of distress.

I was never, ever a morning person. I would lay awake at night dreaming of things to come. As a child and teenager, there is so much yet to do. So many things yet unknown. At that point we are literally at the beginning of a clean slate.

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