Choices Like Rivers

She appeared out of nowhere in June of 1978. A beautiful five year old little girl dressed in only a pillowcase for a dress and rags for shoes. No one knew where Molly Sue came from and she could not lead them back to her home. 

Little did she know, that she was walking straight into the heart of a woman who had grown jaded from too many disappointments. Sharon's love for the girl was instantaneous, but Molly Sue was not hers to love. 

What will become of little Molly Sue, and Sharon, the lady who has lovingly taken her in? What has happened to her mother and the mysterious man she keeps referring to as Buddy? 

Could this be the one thing that will turn Sharon's hopes and dreams around, having this beautiful little girl for her own? Or will it be just one more tragedy she will have to suffer through? The turmoil nearly tears her apart as she encounters the reality of her present situation along with fresh memories from her past. 

This novel will take your heart and mind to places it has never before been. When you come to the end of this journey and read that last page, you will never be the same again.