The Box - A Carrie Border novella

The Box a Carrie Border Novella

Riveting! 🌟🌟🌟

A story so unique that you will not be able to put it down. 📖 This type of crime spree is so new to the OSBI agents that they are grasping at straws to find a foothold. 🫨 🫨 🫨

Then there is a body and everything changes.

Raw, gritty, Christian fiction that is unlike any other.

Even if you have not read The Redemption Series you will love this book and not miss a thing.

From the back cover...

     The box. A dreaded place where no one wants to go. Yet, young girls are being abducted and put in the box to wait, but why?
     A new case for Carrie Border and Randy Jeffries, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents, finds them deep in this series of disappearances of middle school girls. 
     With no apparent motive, these crimes reach so far outside the norm that no one has any experience with what’s occurring.
     Then, a body is found. Carrie and Randy desperately work to uncover anything that will help them solve this mystery and recover the girls. But when they realize the truth, has time already run out…and will one of them pay with their lives for getting too close?
     This is not your typical crime spree and it will leave you hanging on every word until the very end.

This book which is somewhere between the size of a normal novella and a full length novel will keep you on your toes from page one!

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