Carrie Border the Prequel - Author Signed Hardback

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How it all began. Carrie was once a loving and carefree young woman until unimaginable tragedy violated her life. Emotionally soft from years of being the center of a loving family made her ill equipped to handle this life altering event.

She begins her first days at the OSBI in a shadow of pain and heartbreak. She must learn from her new partner Randy and solve some of the most horrific crimes she will ever experience in her career. 

Young men are dying from participating in horrific ancient rituals. A unique and obscure cocktail of drugs are found in their system. Before Randy and Carrie can take a breath a new body surfaces from another ritual.

The leads bounce them from one field of the academic world to another. There is simply too much information to process and decipher in time to stop the killer, or killers from killing again.

New, or maybe not so new characters appear in this suspenseful thriller. If you have not read The Redemption Series - Start Here.


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