My Life of Miracles - Pt 13

November 09, 2023

One of the most profound miracles I’ve ever experienced is once again about my dad. Actually, there are several miracles that I will write about. This one has to do with his heart.

Another Daddy Miracle

The actual dates of some of these early miracles are not recorded and I am placing them in time, regarding what was going on in my life at the time, where I lived and how old my children were.

When we still lived in Binger and my children were small, I got a call one night from my mom. She was very upset. She and my dad had gone to the doctor for him a checkup. The heart doctor, Dr. Jean Pitt, who was a world renown heart surgeon at the time, had my father do a treadmill test. Almost as soon as the test began, Dr. Pitt urgently had the treadmill stop. The test was indicating critical issues.

An Opportunity for a Miracle

From there, they took him to the imaging lab to get pictures of what they assumed were blockages. Sure enough, he had one severe blockage that was nearly a complete blockage, which would require open heart surgery.

Even though I don’t remember the exact date, I know it was in the early 1980s. Medicine has come a long way from where it was forty years ago. Dad went immediately into the hospital and Dr. Pitt scheduled surgery for first thing the next morning. The need for surgery was so dire for my father that she pushed all others to get him in.

Went For Prayer

My mom was scared and very upset. It just so happened it was on a Wednesday night. At the time both mom and I were attending a small spirit-filled church in Lookeba. But, on Wednesday nights at the time, we met in Binger for a bible study and prayer time. She was going to go to the bible study that night and ask for prayer. I couldn’t go that night, but agreed to stay home and pray.

The next morning around mid-morning. My mother called me to relay an incredible miracle to me.

Sometimes We Don't Know Why

Early that morning, Dr. Pitt had walked into my father’s room. She said she didn’t know why, but she felt an overwhelming urge to take him back into imaging and take more pics of his heart. This was something she never did, especially once a person was scheduled and ready for surgery. However, she just couldn’t shake the feeling that she really needed to do this.

So, my father was taken back to imaging and put him through once more. The images on the screen shocked Dr. Pitt. Where the huge blockage was in my father’s artery, there was a new artery that started before the blockage and went around and connected back after the blockage.

Proof Before Her Eyes

She had both images side by side and just couldn’t believe what she was seeing, but the proof was in the images. It was such an incredible miracle that she wrote the entire case up and published it in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Instead of doing surgery, she sent my father home.

God is so amazing and creative and we rarely know why he does what he does in the way he does it. He could have dissolved the blockage, but he chose to create an entirely new artery around the blockage.

What If

What if we had not prayed? What if we had not believed for a miracle? The scripture comes to mind…

James 4:2-3

2.You crave what you do not have; you kill and covet, but are unable to obtain it. You quarrel and fight. You do not have, because you do not ask.

3 And when you do ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may squander it on your pleasures.

You do not have because you do not ask. How often could we have had a miracle, but we did not ask because we did not believe?

Ask In Faith Believing

Have there been times I believed for a miracle and asked yet did not receive? Yes, just as all of us have. But, I would rather believe and ask, hoping I would receive one than to not ask and never get one.

I take a chance every single time that I will ask and receive because I know that if I do not ask at all, then the miracle may not come.

I want to encourage you to leave me any comments below. They are so encouraging and motivating to me. 

... stay tuned for many more of my life miracles...


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