My Life of Miracles - Pt 14

My Life of Miracles - Pt 14


Living in the country in western Oklahoma we were surrounded by all types of insects and snakes. They were a constant and you just learned to watch out when you could and be cautious.

Living In The Country

We lived on a dirt road and it came to a dead end just a few hundred feet from our house. At that dead end lived a family who had a son just a bit older than my oldest son so they spent quite a bit of time playing together.

I Believe In Miracles

My youngest son Kendon is four years younger than his older brother. One day when his brother Ben was down playing with the neighbor, Kendon was begging to go. He was about four years old at the time.

Since we were out in the country and on a rarely traveled dead end road, which the kids were all used to, I made arrangements for him to walk to the neighbors.

I Knew He Was Safe

The road was packed red dirt that was lower than the banks on either side due to having been graded for so many years. On those banks were weeds and brush as well as tons of cedar trees and old pine oaks.

I called down to the neighbors house and told Ben that Kendon was coming down the road and to please watch for him and meet him on the road. He did and they played until it was time to come home.

A Shocking Discovery

It was Wednesday night. We ate dinner, I had my other two get cleaned up to go to church, and I bathed Kendon. As I was bathing him I noticed two puncture marks on the back of his upper arm. It would have greatly alarmed me but there was no abnormal redness or swelling.

Since he was my baby, I had allowed him to stay a baby for probably way too long. He baby talked until he was in kindergarten. Since I spent every day with him I fully understood everything he said.

He Was Completely Unaware

When I saw the two punctures I asked him, “What bit you?” To which he replied, “Dog”. Obviously it was not a dog. So I inquired further and received no additional information other than ‘dog’.

At church that night I looked for a friend of mine who was a licensed EMT. I thought I knew what those punctures were but wanted confirmation.

When I found him, I showed him Kendon’s arm and asked him what he thought those were. He looked and then looked up at me in shock. He said, "That is a snake bite and those punctures indicate it was a poisonous snake."

I Trusted God To Watch Over My Children

We both knew it was a miracle. Kendon never had any adverse reaction and finally the punctures healed and faded away.

This is an instance where I didn’t even know I needed to pray for a miracle and one just came. However, I always knew, really and firmly knew, that God was watching over me and my children.

God Had Exchange Fear for Courage Years Earlier

When God delivered me from fear, he replaced it with courage and a certain understanding that he was watching over us. So, trusting him to do that very thing, I never ever worried over my children. It never occurred to me to worry about them. I was that certain over God’s care and watchful eye.

This isn’t something I forced myself to do. This isn’t something I worked up on my own. When I prayed for and received deliverance from fear God had to replace the void it left, and he did. He replaced it with courage and that revelation knowledge of his watchful caring eye on my family.

As I have said many times, he is no respecter of persons. He can and will do that for you as well. Ask him, pray about it earnestly. He will show you the way. It may be the same way as he brought deliverance to me through saying a specific scripture over and over at bedtime or he may show you a different way. But, believe it, ask for it, and receive it.

Read more about praying in the Holy Spirit. This is a document that I prepared with multiple scriptures.

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... stay tuned for many more of my life miracles...


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