My Life of Miracles - pt 10

My Life of Miracles - pt 10


Insects, bugs, varmints, and so many other creatures can and will be included in my writings about miracles. I could have lumped them all in together, but each individual circumstance has its own unique elements that I feel should be included and will be encouraging to you.

This particular one is about the prayers of a child. My first post was of me praying as a child and the incredible way that Father God responded with compassion so quickly and thoroughly. This is so similar yet equally miraculous.

My Daughter Lacey

One day when my daughter Lacey was about three years old, I was standing outside at the end of this little brick pathway I had made from our patio to the driveway. I was standing talking to a friend who was leaving and had walked out to say goodbye.

My Life of Miracles - pt 10

My daughter Lacey had come out with me and had brought her roller skates. She sat down at the very end of the brick walk to put them on and almost immediately began screaming. When I responded by picking her up I saw the she had sat on the end of a large centipede. The dirt had washed away from the end of the bricks and I believe they had a nest up in the open holes.

She Was Bitten Several Times

As she sat down she had sat on one end and then the centipede proceeded to keep popping it’s other end up and biting her on her bottom. It happened fast, but there were three or four distinct bites and they were causing her excruciating pain.

Her bottom was beginning to swell and I didn’t know what to do. I quickly went down to my mom’s house where she and Lacey's dad both were. Everyone was very alarmed because just in the very short half mile ride, the swelling and redness had increased.

Rushed to the Doctor

My mother’s brother was a doctor in a town about an hour away from us. My mom called him to see what we should do. It alarmed him so much that he said get her here, now! So Lacey’s dad and I jumped in the car and hurried to get her to my uncle’s clinic where he said he would be waiting on us.

I was holding Lacey in the front passenger seat of my car while her dad drove. She was an ardent thumb sucker and was laying in my lap sucking her thumb. About half way through the trip I kept hearing something and I looked down and thought she was saying something, but with her thumb in her mouth it was difficult to tell.

I Could Hear Her Mumbling

I asked her if she was okay, and she nodded yes. I looked back up and continued watching the road ahead and began to hear the sound again. It was like a whispering sound. I looked back down at her and asked her once again if she was okay. She nodded and pulled her thumb out of her mouth just enough to say, “I’m okay mommy, I’m just praying.”

My heart was overwhelmed with emotion. She was very calm and not in pain. I wasn’t sure when she had stopped crying  and screaming and had became so calm. I was just focused on getting her the help she needed. She was very tiny for her age and I knew those centipedes were toxic and that many bites could easily cause great harm to a child so small.

We Finally Got to the Clinic

When we pulled into the clinic parking lot my uncle had been standing at the glass door and quickly opened it to let us in. He hurried us back to an exam room. I sat her on the table and pulled her shorts down.

Her dad, my uncle, and I just stood and stared. There were no bites where there had just been three or four! My uncle looked at me and said, “She hasn’t been bitten.”

Both her dad and I confirmed that she had indeed been bit. He looked her over good, both sides of her bottom and there were no bites at all, anywhere on her body. There was no redness, no swelling, or any indication at all that there had been a bite.

Many Witnesses Confirmed

He really did have a hard time believing us. But, we knew God had done another miracle for us, and this time I believe it was in a direct response to my baby girl’s prayers. 

God could have just reduced the swelling and diluted the toxin so that it would not harm her, but He completely healed and removed all signs of the bites. There were no puncture wounds at all. My mom had seen them, Lacey’s dad had seen them, and I had seen them, and her red and swelling bottom.

Then there were none.

Read more about praying in the Holy Spirit. This is a document that I prepared with multiple scriptures.

I want to encourage you to leave me any comments below. They are so encouraging and motivating to me. 

... stay tuned for many more of my life miracles...


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