My Life of Miracles - pt 11

My Life of Miracles - pt 11

There is another centipede event that I realize should go before the last one, the one where Lacey sat on a centipede. These happened about a year apart and after writing about the other one I realized that this one actually happened first. Still about a centipede, but a totally different situation.

Centipede Story Part Deux

When my youngest son Kendon was still in his infant seat, not the elaborate contraptions they are now, I had carried him into the laundry room with me one day while I did laundry. I was taking the clothes out of the washer and putting them in the dryer.

Back then when I had a lot of jeans, I would take them out of the washer and use my hand to press out the wrinkles and then fold them a couple of times before throwing them into the dryer. This nearly eliminated all wrinkles on the stiff denim and it still is a trick I use today.

Distracted Chatter

While I was engaged in what I was doing, I would chat at the baby, not really looking down at him but a bit of a distracted glance here and there.

Then, as I made another distracted glance, I heard Holy Spirit say, “Stop and watch.”

I was surprised. I could sense His urgency, so instead of glancing away I stood and watched. As I watched my five or six month old baby, I saw a huge centipede crawl from up under his back and up around his tummy. In a mother’s panic I started to just reach out and grab that centipede off of him.


But, right before I did, I heard, “Stop! Slide yours hands under his arms and lift him up. Then, rest his bottom on the floor.”

I did just that. With my heart beating hard, I slid my hands gently under his arms and slowly lifted him up. Then, just as I was told, I rested his bottom on the floor still holding him. Then the centipede just crawled off of him and onto the floor.

Exhilaration and Gratitude

A rush of exhilaration flooded me and I drew him to me and hugged him hard. I cried from relief as I praised God for what He had done. Kendon had been active in the infant seat. He was a content baby, but still was actively moving and waving his hands while in the seat. His movement could have triggered that centipede at any moment to bite him. But, God.

Still, that isn’t the end of the story.

But Wait. There's More

I finished putting the clothes quickly in the dryer and left the laundry room. I just wanted out of there.

The thought of the centipede didn’t cross my mind after that. I was only thankful for what had happened. But, later that day when I was out running errands, it occurred to me that the live centipede was loose in the house. It was apparent that there was a place where he was coming in and could go back out, so I prayed to God.

Where Was the Centipede

He had spared us from it once, so He would do it again. I just voiced my concern to Him and asked Him to kill that centipede for me.

When we got home and I was getting ready to walk into the house from the back patio, I looked down at our dog’s water bowl. In there floated a large centipede. Once again I broke out in tears of gratitude. He had answered my prayer.

Are You a Skeptic or a Believer

Skeptics might say that it could have been any centipede, but I knew in my heart that it was not. It was an absurd thing to see a dead centipede floating in a bowl of water. I had lived in the country for 23 years and had never seen such a thing before. In fact I had never seen any insect floating in a bowl of water. They just do not go there on their own.

This very miracle, gave me the confidence to know that my baby girl would be fine too when she sat on the centipede. Two very different miracles. Two very different salvations. One type of enemy.

God could have done the exact same miracle both times. He could have instructed me the same with Lacey before she sat on the centipede. Maybe He had and I was too distracted talking to my friend to notice.

God Chooses How to Do a Miracle

But, the most important take-away is that He can give us a miracle in many different ways. We often put Him in a box and decide that this is the way the miracle should happen and we pray for it to happen in that way. But, He is much more powerful and creative than we are. Let Him do what needs to be done in His way.

Also, let me emphasize that I had no idea I needed a miracle until God showed me the centipede. This was not a direct result of me praying for a miracle. He was watching over me. I trusted Him everyday for that very thing and He did not disappoint. I still trust Him like that today.

God is No Respecter of Persons

Let me encourage you today that these miracles that I have been writing about are to encourage you that you too, can have miracles in your life. I am not someone special and God is no respecter of persons. Writing about these are meant to encourage you to believe for your own.

He can - He wants to - He will - Trust Him

Read more about praying in the Holy Spirit. This is a document that I prepared with multiple scriptures.

I want to encourage you to leave me any comments below. They are so encouraging and motivating to me. 

... stay tuned for many more of my life miracles...


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