My Life of Miracles - pt 2

My Life of Miracles - pt 2

Spiritual Intelligence

There is much talk today about spiritual intelligence. When I heard Kris Valloton first speak about this, I thought, “I want that!” But then, almost as quickly I heard God say, “Haven’t I always given you that?”

I began to think about that and have remembered many times that I just knew something without there being anyway that I could have known it in the natural. My very first memory of such an occurrence was when I was about 10 or 12.

Discovering a Seed Wart

I remember it was in the summer and I had a wart on the side of my foot. It was a seed wart that had three tiny little black dots that were considered ‘seeds’. I hadn’t shown anyone the wart. I didn’t have the internet to do a search about warts. I didn’t know of anyone else having a seed wart.

But, on that summer day I remember sitting and looking at that wart. I was sitting on my mom and dad’s bed and the sun was shining in the room. 

My Life of Miracles

I just knew if I pulled out those tiny little black spots, the seeds, that the entire wart would go away. So, I got a needle and went to work on it. I have always been brave like that. I would always rather have control over my pain and hurting myself rather than give that power to someone else.

My First Surgery

I picked and dug at all three of them until they were all gone. Then I went about living the life of a child. I don’t know exactly how long it took, but I just noticed that one day, the wart was gone.

There is no way at that age that I could have known what to do to get rid of that wart. I am sure I was ‘wondering’ too God as I have always done. I doubt I even knew at the time that was prayer.

I don’t remember hearing a word from God. There was no voice, even internal that told me to remove the seeds. I just knew what to do and did it, and it worked!

Unlearning to Hear from God

We spend the first couple of decades putting great effort into learning, training and teaching our brains to hold knowledge. Our emotions are also learning. When a harsh words is spoken, we learn how that feels. We learn what happiness is, and for each of us that may be something different. But, our emotions are also learning.

What if we also taught our children from the very start to learn to ‘know’ things from God? I get how that brings questions to mind. How do we do that? How do we teach them to know if it is from God or the enemy? Isn’t that rather supernatural?

Why yes, it is supernatural. Godly supernatural. We teach them by teaching them about God, the bible and especially supernatural things of the bible. Teach them who God is. Teach them His character. 

Childlike Encounters with God

My suspicion is that God has already fully introduced himself to them. I believe that children already experience a level of communication with God that is far more spiritual or supernatural that adults do. Nothing has told them that it is not possible. Then gradually the practicalities of life overshadow the supernatural aspects for them, and memories of those precious encounters with God fade from memory.

But, what if we helped keep them alive? What if we had dialog with them, asking them if they hear God talking to them? If we hear something that causes us to feel uneasy, then we are right there to discuss it with them, keeping them on tract. But, if we never have that dialog, then they will never know the difference and it could be that moment, that conversation that prevents them from seeking adverse supernatural encounters later as teens or young adults.

We are supernatural beings. Let’s live that way and encourage our children to as well. If we learn early how to thrive in the Godly supernatural realm, the enemy will not be able to entice away to his.

I want to encourage you to leave me any comments below. They are so encouraging and motivating to me. 

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