Are You A Dabbler?

Are You A Dabbler?


Are you a dabbler? Don’t know what I mean? Well stay tuned and let’s find out.

Webster’s defines dabbler as one not deeply engaged in or concerned with something.

Prefer to listen? 

We have all dabbled from time to time. We dabble at hobbies and sports. We try first one thing and then another. If something peaks our interest then we might engage on a deeper level.

With hobbies and sports I think that is a great thing! I think we should all dabble in those areas to try and spread our wings. It helps us learn and grow.

Prefer to watch?

 But in the area of business it isn’t such a good thing.

If you have a hobby or a skill you may have had the occasional person come and buy your creation or hire your skill set for a job they need done.

You pocketed the money. It felt good to get that affirmation that your hobby or skill was valid. But then you went back to your normal life.

From time to time you’ve thought about turning that hobby or skill into a business, but you felt that leap was too great a cavern to cross.

You had so many concerns and doubts that you just resorted to dabbling. Selling a bit here or there. Putting the proceeds in your pocket for more supplies.

That is the worst kind of dabbler. Someone who loves their hobby or unique skill set and yet won’t take the chance to make it their career.

Maybe they have always worked for an employer and the thought of doing it on their own is overwhelming. I understand. I truly do. I’ve been there.

I’m not recommending that anyone immediately quit their day job. But sometimes if you have dabbled for a long time, that day job has become a crutch.

What if that thing you love so much could be the thing you do every single day? What if you woke up everyday excited to fill the day working at what you love?

For that to happen at some point you have to stop dabbling.

You can start your new business while still working for someone else. You can form your business entity and get the foundation established. And then begin to build on the foundation.

If you believe you need a pile of money to form and create a business, let me tell you that you don’t.

That is why I wrote the free book How To Go From Hobby To Business For Next To Nothing. Yes, it is free. And it is my gift to you. Don't let the fear of starting a business hold you back!

In the book I walk you through each step and how to do it yourself. On a budget.

When you have gone through all the steps in the book, you will then have a legitimate business.

But don’t let that frighten you dabblers out there! You can grow it at your own pace. There is no pressure to devote all your time and energy to it.

Set some goals on paper that YOU want to achieve. Break those goals down into shorter goals and soon you will see the growth you hoped for.

Dabblers go two steps forward and one and a half steps back forever. And I believe it is because of concern over the unknown that is holding them back.

If you work your way through the book and you have your company formed, you can undo it at anytime. In a year or in ten years. It is your company and you are in control of it. So, what do you have to lose?

Here is the link to my FREE book. Yes, it really is free. It is also short and to the point and easy to follow.

This is the exact blueprint I follow anytime I create a new business.

Have more questions or need more help, just let me know.

Nancy Jackson Author Speaker Business Coach