Words I Hate!

Words I Hate!

Words I hate. This may surprise you! Stayed tuned to find out what they are!

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If you have spent five minutes on social media you have seen a flurry of ads. Many promise you the sun, the moon, and the stars.

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They are so good at getting you to believe that what they have to sell to you will change your life, solve your problem, or revolutionize your life. So, you almost click (or do click) that button.

If you have ever done that, as I admittedly have once or twice, most of the time you are left realizing, there is no shortcut to get to where you want to be.

There are words that are so overused I’ve come to nearly recoil in nausea when I hear them.

Anything referring to a shortcut to success such as ‘from zero to six figures’, which is usually promised in a stunningly short timeline.

Or miraculous weightless outcomes. Lose 30 pounds in a week. Yes, I know that is an exaggeration, but you have all see those outlandish claims and know what I am talking about.

And yet, we are so tempted by those claims that we might even give it a try.

I do believe that there are efficient ways to do things. I myself have taken online workshops and classes from credible coaches and teachers that did give me efficient and credible ways to do business better.

And yes, those ways did lead to shortcuts and better time management. They often did lead to knowledge of how to do marketing or business management better.

But, none of that valuable information was an overnight success in and of itself. There are no get rich quick schemes and so often we are bombarded with promises that what is being sold is just that.

We can do business better. We can and should learn from others how to do business better. But, don’t be tempted by ‘too good to be true’ shortcuts.

Knowledge in and of itself does not get you to where you need or want to be. You have to take the knowledge and apply the knowledge consistently and diligently and then success will come.

Now the the word I’ve grown to hate - HACK. Sounds like a horrible cough, doesn’t it?

It carries with it the promise of a secret path to untold success or wealth or way of operating that defies the norm.

I’ve grown to hate the word because I believe it delivers only disappointment to those who hope for a quick result. I’ve seen their discouragement.

Experience that kind of promise and discouragement enough times and people begin to believe that they can’t succeed and so they give up.

There are some very good coaches and teachers out there. I’ve taken classes from them. But how do you know if the ad you are seeing is truly beneficial or just more whitewashed promises?

Number one is, ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is’.

A good teacher will give you the information, but they will also encourage you on how to apply it and they will never promise overnight success.

A good teacher will come along side you and help you to stay focused, diligent, and persistent in applying the knowledge they have given you.

You can succeed and you do need the knowledge you don’t have. Successful people never feel they know everything they need to know.

Successful people are always learning more and more and applying it to their lives and their businesses.

I’ve taken many online courses. I love learning knew things. Whether it was in jewelry making, watercolor painting, or in business, if I have chosen a good teacher then I have always walked away with more knowledge and instruction that I could apply and make my life better.

In some classes, I did gain some knowledge, but there was no coach available to answer questions or further clarify the material. It is frustrating.

You do get the knowledge, or most of it, but when you hit a snag where you are struggling, you need someone who can give you just the right nudge to get you over the hump.

A good coach or teacher loves the student. They love seeing the student grow and change as they learn and apply what they’ve learned.

An unethical scammer is out to line their own pockets. So, be selective when choosing online programs.

I am not the only good coach or teacher out there. Please know that I am not saying that I am the only one. I’ve learned so much from very good credible online coaches and teachers.

What I want you to take away from this is not to be afraid to take an online course. In fact I encourage you to take as many as you feel are beneficial to you.

But, be selective. Be intuitive. And remember, If it sounds too good to be true, run, don’t walk away!

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