Selling My Books On My Own Website

January 18, 2024

Many years ago I designed and made custom jewelry. I tried selling on various website such as ETSY, but was unsatisfied because I wasn't able to build a relationship with customers. I also didn't like being at the mercy of a commerce site that would change things at the drop of a hat and take a percentage of my hard earned money.

It was then, nearly two decades ago, that I got my first website and ecommerce store. Much has changed since then. I feel that I have found the best ecommerce store after trying many others, and have learned about SEO, marketing, and internal website apps that enhance my website.

Selling books direct

I began writing novels over 4 years ago. I was starting something brand new and was stumbling my way through the self-publishing world. I toyed with the idea of selling my books on my website, but initially that was just one more thing to learn so I opted to save that for a later time.

There Was A Learning Curve

My books are printed through Ingram Spark, and I use Draft2Digital for all my ebook uploads. They are excellent services and I highly recommend using them!

Once I had catched my breath I began thinking about selling my books on my own store. I revamped the old jewelry store website and customized it as an author website.

I Sell Everywhere

I gradually found ways to sell my books on my website. I order the hard and soft cover books and fulfill them from home. This way I can sign them and those that order from here get that added service not offered anywhere else.

The service I use to fulfill my ebooks is Bookfunnel. They are also an amazing company and their service is stellar. It doesn't matter what device or app you prefer to read from, Kindle, Apple, Google, or any other app, you can get it through my ebook sales channel. You can even get it as a pdf if you prefer.

Get My Books The Way You Prefer

All of my books are still on all the online book sites including Amazon. I want them in as many places as books are sold. However, my favorite way of selling my books is through my own online store.

You might ask why since it seems like more work. When I became an author and began setting my books up to be sold at online merchants, I was shocked, yes completely shocked at the huge cut they took.

The High Cost Of Being An Author

If you don't agree to their large cut, then they will not carry your books. That cut is 55%. When you figure in the price it costs to print books, hardcovers cost me about $15 a book, I make about $1.00 on each book.

Soft cover books are less, about $6.00 per book on which I make about $1.50 per book. My profit is much higher on ebooks because there is no print costs. There is however a small cost I pay to Draft2Digital for their services. I make anywhere from $1.00 - $3.00 per ebook.

I'm A Small Business - Help Me Succeed 

If I sell my books on my own website, I can put that 55% into free shipping, author signed copies, and other offers and discounts at my discretion. I can get to know my readers.

If you are one of my readers and love reading my books, and also want to help profit me and not Amazon, I want to encourage you to purchase books from my own website.

If You Are A New Author

If you are a new author thinking of where to sell your books, let me encourage you to sell direct, but also from all other online book stores.

Because I want to try and get my readers in the habit of ordering from my own website, I have decided that any new release will only be sold on my website, UNTIL the next new release comes out.

My Publishing Plan For The Future

At that time I will add the old new release to all other online sellers and keep the newest release available only on my website. My books will always be available at all online retailers in all formats. But, from now on my newest releases will only be available on my website - NancyJacksonAuthor .com.

I wanted to write a detailed explanation about why I was setting things up this way. I have been treated badly by Amazon as so many other authors I know have. If you go there and search for my name or my books, they are horrifically hard to find. The search brings up other authors and only by scrolling for days do you finally find my books.

Help Authors Get All They Deserve

I am also certain I do not get all the royalties that I am owed. Their reports are shoddy at best and I don't believe all sales are recorded. I've heard many authors say this very thing.

It is challenging to be an author. We put hours upon hours into writing just one book. Then there are the countless more hours we spend editing and reworking to make it the best it can be. Then we have graphics designer costs for covers, editing costs for a professional editor, narration costs if we go audio, and of course marketing costs.

By getting the lion's share of our money and not Amazon, it helps us to keep writing and putting great work out there for you.

No Downside For Readers

There is no downside for readers to order directly from an author's website. Your book will be signed, carefully packaged, and shipped with care. If you have an issue, you can talk directly to the author for resolution.

Even if you want to read it in eBook format, on my website it will be delivered to you in the format you wish for your favorite reader.

My Newest Novel

My newest novel The Box, a Carrie Border Novella should be available for purchase on my website by February 1, 2024. I can't wait for you to read it.

While it is at the editor I am writing on the Prequel - Carrie Border. This full length novel will take us back to the very beginning of Carrie Border's career with the OSBI.

Exciting Surprise Character In My Coming Novel
- Carrie Border the prequel

I'm about half way through and have had a very exciting idea for a new (maybe not so new) character which I will include in the prequel. You will all be excited and surprised by who the character is. It will be the beginning of a second series featuring that character primarily, with guest appearances from Carrie.

I am so excited about it that I want to scream it out, but the surprise will be so much more fun!

Have a wonderful week and keep reading!!

 I want to encourage you to leave me any comments below. They are so encouraging and motivating to me. 

... stay tuned for more about writing, publishing, and business...



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