Surprise Excerpt From Carrie Border - The Prequel

Surprise Excerpt From Carrie Border - The Prequel

Since I've released The Box, I am feverishly back at work on Carrie Border - The Prequel.

This novel will take you back to just before Carrie became an OSBI agent. Details of the trauma she faced with her parents, and the tangled life with her fiance Billy will be explained.

Not only that, her first case with the OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation) will be an incredibly complicated and intriguing one. She couldn't cut her investigative teeth on one more challenging.

It is hard to imagine after reading The Redemption Series and The Box that Carrie was ever anything but gutsy and courageous, but as a new agent, she was trying to find her foothold, which she firmly does in this first case.

I've teased about a 'new' character being revealed in this novel. However, it is someone you should know if you have read all my books. I have plans to develop a series with them as the lead and maybe Carrie popping in from time to time.

An Excerpt from Carrie Border a novel by nancy Jackson

I also have other possible ideas where they can work full time together in a time span that would take place after The Redemption Series.

Here is a treat for my newsletter only readers.

An Excerpt from Carrie Border - The Prequel...

By the end of the day Carrie was mentally exhausted. Their lists were growing and she had worked during the afternoon to cross reference them to see if there was any overlap. Beau Barrett was the only name that came up on all three.

He was on the list that Travis’ father had given them, he was a student of Dr. Randolph’s therefore on the student list he had given them, he was the only absent student Dr. Randolph had had the last week, and he was on the list they had gotten from the organizer of the academic group. He was looking more and more like a primary instigator in these rituals.

Randy walked into the room they had come to know as their war room. They had several files and their whiteboard in there. They also had moved a department laptop in as well.

“Beau Barrett’s only living parent lives in Detroit Michigan. He moved from there to Oklahoma four years ago to attend college at UCO. I spoke with his mother and she hardly hears from him, maybe a few times a year,” Carrie began the minute she saw Randy.

“How long has it been since she has heard from him?”

“He went home for Christmas, so a couple of months ago.” Carrie stood and walked to the whiteboard to pin the most recent photo of Beau that his mother had in her possession.

A tapping on the door caused both Randy and Carrie to turn in that direction. It was Detective Rick Morris. “Can I come in?”

“Sure,” said Randy as he stretched out his hand to welcome Rick with a handshake. Right behind Detective Morris was another detective. Carrie was immediately taken by how stunningly beautiful she was.

Carrie assumed she was her age or maybe a couple years older than she was. Her blonde hair lay in lazy curls that salons feverishly tried to duplicate. Carrie suspected this simply came naturally to her. But what struck Carrie the most, were her eyes. They were large and painted in a crisp blue hue.

“I’d like to introduce you to Detective Jacobs. As you know my last partner retired and I’ve been working solo for a few weeks.”

Carrie reached for Detective Jacobs hand and was immediately drawn to her. “Hi. I’m Carrie Border.”

“It’s a pleasure. And you can call me Molly.” When she smiled at Carrie, her face lit up with a glow that seemed unnatural in this world of crime and degradation.

There were very few female agents and detectives, so it was a genuine pleasure to be able to work with one. But there was something else about her that was simply compelling. She seemed, to Carrie, that she was quiet and borderline shy, no, she just had a quiet confidence. Whatever the case, her posture was confident and assured.

Rick’s voice interrupted Carrie’s analysis of the detective. “We’ve had patrolmen as well as us working that list you gave us. Here are our notes. I’ve also emailed it to you so that you can update your internal records."

Randy took the papers Rick handed over. “Anything stand out?”

“No, not really. Either they didn’t know anything or were good at hiding it.” Detective Jacobs walked over beside Randy. This guy here stood out initially. He is a grad student that works for a history professor at UCO. He works for a Dr. Jill Bates. We can’t eliminate him, but he didn’t seem to know anything.”

“We spoke to Dr. Bates. She seemed startled and alarmed that any of her students might be involved,” said Randy.

“I think we can eliminate him. You can follow up, but I didn’t get any red flags.”

Randy scanned through the list of notes Rick had made. “What about this one?”

Rick leaned over to look. “He has been out of town for a couple of weeks. He went to visit his parents and became ill while he was there, so he missed the last two weeks of school. He said he just got home. We need to verify with his parents, and receipts and such.”

While Randy and Rick talked, Detective Jacobs walked over to the whiteboard thoroughly absorbing what had been organized there.

“Who is this?” Molly asked as she tapped the picture that Carrie had just attached. She turned to look at the others with a questioning look on her face.

“That is Beau Barrett. So far he is our prime suspect. We’ve been trying to locate him to bring him in for questioning,” said Randy.

“I can tell you exactly where to find him,” said Molly. “He’s at the morgue.”

Well? What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them. If you are not familiar with this new character then you need to immediately read Choices Like Rivers!

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