Out To The World

Out To The World

Now you are ready to get your book made into a real book for people to read. If you only wish to do an ebook, it is easy from here.

Dozens of eBook Sites to Upload Your Book

Remember, I said you could upload your ebook to each individual site, but if you hang with me I have a much better way!

I went to a writers conference the first year I was writing. I had written The Blood but not yet published. At that conference there was an Oklahoma company there that I was thrilled about. It makes publishing so much easier. I had a healthy dose of skepticism, but after much research my concerns were quickly dissolved.

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That company is Draft2Digital. There are so many wonderful benefits to this company that it would take a small book to list them. But, let me try.

Free to Upload and Distribute

First of all, you have already laid out a chunk of change on getting to this point. But, with D2D you don’t pay them anything until you sell a book. Then, with each sale they take a teeny tiny little bit. A really teeny tiny little bit. Pennies actually. Well worth the cost.

One File to Dozens of Online Bookstores

When you upload your ebook, you only need the generic ebook, they will then shoot it out to multiple online ebook stores, including online libraries! I counted at least 2 dozen on their list.

They have excellent record keeping and you know exactly how many books you’ve sold, on what site they were sold, and how much royalties you have earned. Then they will pay you in one lump sum each month.

A Wealth of Bells and Whistles

They have options to create promotions and will allow you to temporarily discount a book too. All very automated and easy for the author.

They do have a new service where they provide print-on-demand for soft cover books. I was already using another company for printing on demand when they developed this service. But, I look forward to using it in the future.

They are always changing and growing and providing more service for the same cost.


Another benefit is their associate company Books2Read. This company provides universal links where you can market one or all of your books together with a link to all stores. This is a great way to offer your readers a way to select the store they wish to buy from.

Recently, they added another new service which I also love. In B2R you can add the links to ALL your print books regardless of where they were printed and you can have all links to all stores and all formats in one place! That is amazing!

Below is what a person will see when they click on the link to my novel The Blood.

This is the link: https://books2read.com/TheBlood

And this is what they will see:

Learn about Books2Read here

This makes it so easy for a buyer to decide where and how they want to buy your book. The link will take them straight to your book on that particular website.

Marketing Made Easy

This makes it incredibly easy to market your books and give your readers easy options.

To cap it off, their customer service is superior. If I ever have a question, which as a newbie I did, they were quick to respond and eager to help.

You can however sit and individually upload your manuscript to each and every ebook seller out there. Or, you could get on to your next new book! 

You can sign up for FREE Draft2Digital Here.

I want to encourage you to leave me any comments below. They are so encouraging and motivating to me. 


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