What Exactly is Scapple?

What Exactly is Scapple?

This is a new program/app for me, but I am finding the more I use it, the more I love it!

I Tried It and Loved It!

I have used the iOS Notes program for years. But the one thing about it that I would have loved to change, and I see that slightly changing, is the way it organizes your thoughts.


It is basically a list of notes. With Scapple you can drag and drop notes, move the entire chunk or pocket of notes around, draw arrows or connecting lines to those that relate, format, add pics that can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the page.

I recreated below a few of my notes for Choices Like Rivers. There were many more and had I used Scapple when making them it would have been much easier. I would have been able to keep connections clear and move notes around as things morphed and ideas changed.


Scapple Example


Great for ANY Business

I can see where this would have great applications for those in business who are trying to organize processes or brain dump new ideas.

But, in writing I have found the ideas do not stop coming. Then when they come I often forget what that short note was. I can add to and even add a picture.

Too Many Ideas for a Normal Note Program?

I can make a list or ten on one page in Scapple. I can add to or easily delete.

When writing blog ideas down I can keep all categories on one page to reduce the number of documents I have, and still arrange  and rearrange.

When planning and writing a book, I kept a notepad on my desk to jot down new characters and the connection to the other characters in the book.

Amazing for Book Note Keeping

The trouble with the notebook was that I would quickly run out of room and have to start a new sheet. Then I was flipping back and forth from page to page looking for an idea or whose son or daughter that person was.

With Scapple I can move them around and link them like a family tree. I can even put character notes by each one.

If I want to add pictures or copy and paste from an internet search, I can do that to all while keeping them on one page.

Incredibly Efficient

I always use two monitors. Once you go that route, you will never go back. Scapple is a perfect solution to keep on that second monitor while I write. I can even copy and paste notes from there to Scrivener in the appropriate note sections for that area of the book.

You can purchase Scapple with a one time purchase of only $18. Well worth it!

Click here to buy (yes I get a small affiliate reimbursement).

Click here to watch a video of how it works. 

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